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Life in Greyscale

Imagine this: We're born under an open sky, come into the world breathing new air each moment and collecting experiences from the very first moment we open our eyes. Everything is new, everything is yours to experience, to touch, to feel. You have a life full of colorful possibilities but you don't have enough understanding yet to understand the hugeness, the massive potential this has in your life.

You're a color wheel. You've got colors that compliment you, people in your life that add to your shine. You meet new people and the teach you new things. New words, new colors. You're blending your experiences and you find new meaning and new light. You're young and free, but you don't know it yet.

People always mention age as a matter of great importance. You get the occasional, whimsical "age is just a number," from the rare person who has pretended to live their life carefree. But you learn to take on more. In an effort to add to you colors, you star…

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