Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Life in Greyscale

Imagine this: We're born under an open sky, come into the world breathing new air each moment and collecting experiences from the very first moment we open our eyes. Everything is new, everything is yours to experience, to touch, to feel. You have a life full of colorful possibilities but you don't have enough understanding yet to understand the hugeness, the massive potential this has in your life.

You're a color wheel. You've got colors that compliment you, people in your life that add to your shine. You meet new people and the teach you new things. New words, new colors. You're blending your experiences and you find new meaning and new light. You're young and free, but you don't know it yet.

People always mention age as a matter of great importance. You get the occasional, whimsical "age is just a number," from the rare person who has pretended to live their life carefree. But you learn to take on more. In an effort to add to you colors, you start work. You add to your circle of friends who have brought you new colors, and things begin to get a little muddled. You make a choice; your color combo doesn't work any longer so you cut some people from your life and you reblend, remix, and recreate yourself. You've learned.

You've learned. But you can't forget. Somewhere along the line, someone grabbed the vibrant red you didn't know you had in you. And they ran with it. And added a shade of red you didn't know existed and you got high on all the colors. And then it was gone. And you realized right then exactly how easy it is to let other people, other experiences steal your colors.

And your tones become a little more muted. You find a job that adds more, but takes more at the same time. Bills and responsibilities make you sarcastic, spastic, jaded. You start to forget about the importance of adding to your colors, maintaining your sparkle. You see how easy it is to allow yourself to lose your colors.

You've stopped reaching out to friends. Your colors are dull and boring compared to what they once were, and you don't blend with the vibrant hues that others around you vibrate. You start to view the world in a series of blues and greys. You see hate and you don't stop it. You understand now that it is part of the world that you were hidden from. You're viewing life as a series of greyscale images with little emotion or passion and you forget what it feels like to live life in color. Your passion is gone.

Your routine is grey, but not unlike many others in the world. On a sunny day, with an open sky, you dare to take a new breath of air. And it brings you a touch of blue. Undiluted, pure, bold blue. And it reminds you you once knew something about the feel of colors. And you take a step.

Your grey path crosses with a rainbow array of colors, and in that moment you find that there are secrets of the world you will never understand. There are universes that are busy reminding you to look up, to look around, to find the colors you had before. And you give it a try. You add yellow on a sunny day in the city, and keep it in your pocket like a treasured jewel. It keeps your warm on cold nights, and reminds you there are bold things just beyond the clouds.

You add a shade of green during just the right light during a sunny walk through the park. As you watch the leaves change, a new auburn is burned into the back of your mind's eye and it keeps you smiling. You start to see the positive colors that are being shared all over the place, but you couldn't see under the greyscale fog. There is always more.

Colors are a choice, and as you collect your experiences and memories, it is important to blend those colors until you can create the picture you need in your life. You took some hits, dear, but so did everyone else. Don't let jaded become your color feel, when there are so many shades of jade that will do just fine.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Finding the Human Within

“You don't lose yourself being selfless—you find yourself.” 

Choosing a Random Act of Kindness Target

 This blog is part of a collaboration with Aubrey Eastway, a well-organized, beautiful, inspirational woman. Read her portion of the blog at and please leave feedback for both of us :D

Finding Selfless

The hardest part about being selfless is learning what it looks like. Selflessness can come in so many forms. Some of us are born selfless, with an intrinsic understanding that the word "NO" is not in our vocabulary. Some of us are born looking for those who are selfless because we need those people in our lives. 
It goes against human nature to be selfless; this human existence is based on the idea that we look out for ourselves first, and our family and loved ones next. But, that isn't the true spirit of selflessness. When we love people so strongly that we want to protect them, they become a part of us, and it's almost like self-preservation. Stay with me, here. At times, my mental health can be linked directly to those who are closest to me. If I do something to help them, I am (sometimes) also helping myself. This is why we have to actively find ourselves in order to be our best self to others.

 Becoming Who We Are — Questioning

I am a firm believer in questions. Questioning our own feelings, emotions, and motivations is our own system of checks and balances to keep us sane and happy. Before I began The Human Worth Project, my unbridled good spirits led me to pay for meals for strangers all the time. I hold doors for women (and men!), I do something extra to make sure I have helped them. And, for me, it was easy. I have good genes when it comes to that kind of thing. When my sponsor GH handed over the $200 for me to go out and do good, I was shocked. I was so thrilled that I knew it was something that needed to be shared. But, it all started with one question. I wanted to know who deserved my kindness more. My two "perfect world" examples: 
An older couple, in their 60's sits down to eat breakfast. They talk of the large party they are throwing over the weekend at their second home to welcome a new baby to their family. There will be a live band and the event will be catered. They talk and laugh, and seem completely at ease. When the bill comes, they swipe a card without ever looking at the bill. 
Another couple, in their early 20's sits down to breakfast with their new baby. They take a few minutes to decide on meals as they tend to their fussy child. When their meal is delivered, they split the stack of pancakes down the middle and share their portion. When the bill comes, they dig for wadded up bills in the young woman's purse.
So who deserves my kindness more? Who would appreciate my kindness more? Who is most likely to pass along my kindness?

Finding Love is Easy, Because It Is Everywhere

There is no correct answer on who deserves kindness, because it goes above being deserved. People will not always deserve your time, give it to them anyway. People will not always appreciate your smile, but shine bright anyway. If I go out every single day trying to be the person that makes myself proud and happy, then it will not matter who didn't appreciate my time, my smile, my love, my words. Because for every soul out there who doesn't appreciate these things, there are SO many more who do. And being a light for those people is what The Human Worth Project is all about. 
There should be no limits to your kindness. The homeless woman deserves your kindness. The clerk at the gas station deserves your kindness. Let's try this...
 You truly never know when your smile or your kind words are going to help turn someone's day around. I tell you this from experience. There are thousands of reasons to go out and be kind, and zero excuses to sit back and watch the world turn.

Check Your Motives At The Door

Like, CHECK YO SELF. I know that I've had to. Because all of a sudden, when I started focusing on sharing my experiences with YOU, it became less and less about my experience as a Human.  I began to think about the next photo opportunity, or what groups we could pair with to get us featured. And I started to lose sight. It took me about $10 out of $200 to realize where I was getting lost. It just doesn't feel like giving, when your motivation is publicity. Publicity I could take it or leave it, but I need to get the word out so that we can help encourage people to participate.
I sat down and asked myself where and what my motives were for this project. 

Where I want my motives: I want a complete stranger to know there are people in the world who love him/her, regardless of past mistakes experiences, decisions, sexual orientation, gender, color, shoes, etc. To love and be loved is the best gift on Earth, and I think as humans, as The Human Worth Project humans, we need to be aware of the love within ourselves, and the love that resides within others. I need to find someone each day that deserves love and provide that in any way that I am able. Because at the end of the day, I am only helping myself to live a better life as a Human. 

Monday, March 2, 2015

T-Shirts, Mugs, Stickers Oh My...

CafePress is up and running! But we are still working out the kinks.

Let me share s quick story about how things have been for us here at The Human Worth Project so far...

On a Saturday afternoon in mid-February, I started our first page on Facebook. The Human Worth Project had not been taken, nor did I see anything that really would muddle up the name, or attach to something else.
So I went ahead and made us a special gmail account... and was happy to see that was available.
Instagram is pretty cool, so I made us an account. @thehumanworthproject Cool.
I moved on to Twitter and Google+, both of which had handles available for us. It felt like the Red Seas had parted for our project. I was tickled.

By 7 p.m. on the first night, we had our first person post to our page, all the way out in Delaware. Full disclosure: I was home alone reading on my tablet, and started sobbing with joy. What an inspiration and an encouragement. A sign, maybe.

I started planning more, planning big. I needed business cards, so I started getting quotes and trying to commission my graphic designer boyfriend to get his creative juices flowing. The same day that I submitted my proposal in order to get a quote, I came home to an email from an old friend, Aubrey.

Aubrey had emailed me the SWEETEST message, with a beautifully designed business card attached. It was overwhelming to me how kind someone could be, not to mention how impeccable the timing. So we ran with it.

Now, this design is showing up on our business cards, t-shirts, mugs, stickers, everything. I just started our CafePress site so you guys can order some goods, and help us fund the project.

I'm also excited to be pairing with some local businesses in Syracuse, Indiana who want to help pay it forward. Another friend contacted me from Charlotte, North Carolina to say they wanted to help, too!

Keep it coming, humans. I love staying busy!

Happy Monday everyone, let's celebrate what we have and remember to share love, a smile, a kindness when we can.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

What's in the Works

Happy Thursday!
Wanted to give you all a quick run down on some progress we have made.

We now have 1000 business cards, 200 one dollar bills printed with website and logo, and we are almost at 500 likes on our Facebook page!

In the pipe we have...
-T shirts
- Collaboration on good deeds you can do
- Arranging speeches at local venues

What are your ideas, friends?

Monday, February 23, 2015

Get to Blogging, Humans

What a whirlwind this has been. Thank you all for a great first couple weeks!
I've been working with Gary (my start-up man) to get some business cards done, some planning of projects, etc. 

If you haven't been to the facebook page, that's where all the action is. People have been posting to our page from Day 1 about their random acts of kindness (RAK) and it is SO INSPIRATIONAL.

Quick story... I was struggling to find a nice design for a business card, something simple that inspired people to find our website and share their stories. I got a quote on costs, but still had no design ideas.
When i got home, I had an email sitting on my desk and it was from a beautiful friend of mine, Aubrey. I had goosebumps reading her message...  

Aubrey had noticed that I didn't yet have any business cards, and took her time to make us some. The design was simple, colorful and perfect for what we needed. It was as if she knew exactly what we needed.

After a little moving around of logos, icons, etc. Gary and I printed out some as prototypes. We have already used about half of the ones we made, so it's about time to finalize a large order on those.

Aubrey and I are working on a little blog collaboration right now, too. Keep an eye peeled!

If this works out as I plan, this is how your RAK'ing will work.

1. Person A receives a RAK with a small business card that directs them to our site.
2. Person A then gets on our Facebook page and shares their story-what someone did for them and how it affected them.
3. Person A is then inspired to continue on by RAK'ing more people.
4. Person A does a RAK for Person B, and passes along a card.
5. Person B receives a RAK and shares their story on our page.

It's so simple, and I'm so excited to see where you guys take this!

We have talked about being able to sell the business cards, so that people can have multiples to share and help spread the love and the word. We are also in the works of creating a t-shirt that you can buy, 100% of the profit would go directly to our project.

Our expenses will be 100% published, my project money is your money. And this is about love and kindness, not turning a profit. My sales of shirts will be profitable for our project, our business cards will be available at cost + shipping.

Let me know what you guys think! I'm off to make a "Note" on my Facebook page that explains how this will work in a little more detail.

Share some love today, humans!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Introduction: What is the Human Worth Project?

We're off with a bang! If you aren't following this on Facebook, you will be missing out.
Thank you all, and what a welcome!

This is how this started:
I love to pay it forward. I love to pay it forward even when nobody has yet paid it to me. Which is what I was doing for the past couple years. Whenever I had a bad day, and I had the extra cash, I would pay for the person in line behind me at the drive thru, or leave $5 for the next person's coffee. I spoke with a kind woman buying her son groceries one day in Hilliard, Ohio and left $20 to help her.

The best part of giving my money was that it made me feel better. It ALWAYS always always turns my day around. Then, one day last summer, I was at a street fair and went to buy some food. The vendor told me someone had already paid for the next person's food and that I should have a great day.

I almost sobbed right there in small town Albion, Indiana. As much time as I spent making sure other people were able to feel like this, nobody had ever done it for me. And that was the best feeling.

I speak openly about giving, and I'm not shy when I coax others into doing the same. This spirit has led me down a path of long, deep, meaningful conversations and experiencing life through others' stories. Every once in a while, I meet another kind soul who loves this as much as I do. More often than not, I truly feel many people have it in their hearts and not their wallets. I will address this later.

Recently, I pondered the question to a friend on how to effectively donate my acts of kindness. I wondered aloud if donating acts to a young person who may have less funds but also less experience would be better than donating acts to an older, wealthier but possibly more weathered soul.
I really haven't found an answer, although we both formed our own opinions.

What blossomed from this was a crazy, inspirational idea that is so super close to my heart. The Human Worth Project started out with $200 as a generous donation from an understanding friend.

And you and I are the people who decide where it will go.

Some ideas to grasp about the Human Worth Project (Facts, ideas, Ramblings....)

1. The Human Worth Project is a name I (Chelsea Los) chose to represent that this idea that giving acts of kindness is a human to human thing. All humans are capable of good or evil, love or hate. I want to be the positive voice that whispers "choose love" and teaches the soul how to do good.
2. Our goal is to spread acts of kindness, and track them all over the world. This means I need YOU and YOU and YOU. And, your friend. Your dad can do it. Listen, if my dad can text, you can teach your dad how to give acts of kindness.
3. I want you all to know that giving acts of kindness is more than just monetary. it has been easy for me to use money (cups of coffee are my favorite form) to spread positivity, but my goal is to find more new ways. We have, like, 17" of snow here so I think shoveling may be a good one for me.
4. I want YOU to be involved. I want your ideas and your honest opinions. (So help me, if your feedback is about that one curl that is sticking off my head weird in my photo....) Really, though. I made a special GMail, Instagram, Blog and Facebook page just for this Project. So you have plenty of outlets to express. yo. self.
5. I don't know what I'm doing. Okay, that's a confession. But, really. THANK HEAVENS for my tech-oriented brother, Chet. We have aspirations to create a special QR (scanny-thing to me) code that will end up on business cards that will link you to our website. Which hasn't been done yet. What I need is for my Facebook friends to come through in a BIG WAY and get me some serious likes so that I can have a valid reason to go purchase a URL for us to use.
6. What I'm thinking as of now is this: $1 bills will be stamped with our website address, which people can use to say where and what act of kindness either occurred for them, or that they did for someone else. For acts of kindness that are not money related, we will have business cards with our QR code, along with info about Facebook, Instagram, etc. I want to know MORE! I want to know where, when, why, how these actions happen! Inspire me, people!
7. I really appreciate all the support and love you have already given me.
PLEEEEASE post to my facebook page, my instagram, comment here. Do your thing.

Let's go inspire some love and hope!


Instagram: @thehumanworthproject

Facebook: The Human Worth Project